At Being Himalayan, we strongly believe that travelling, experiencing different environments and cultures, and getting close to nature is an essential part of Human life. We understand, that in order to bring harmony in one's life, having different experiences is necessary and we intend to facilitate this experience through our services.

We are a team of enthusiastic people coming from different backgrounds, having different views of life and having different life experiences. But one thing that connects us is our "love for travel, adventure and exploration".

It is because of this combination of different life experiences and common love for travelling, that we deeply understand the travel needs of different people. We are continuously trying to provide variety and good quality in our services in order to cater for the needs of people coming from different spheres of life.

Established in the foothills of Himalayas, we are surrounded by the mesmerizing views and natural beauty like no other and thus we have made it our mission to share this experience with our guests and make them feel what it is like "Being Himalayan".

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