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Lahaul and Spiti valley, is one of the most beautiful areas in Himachal Pradesh. It is also known as a cold desert, due to lack of flora and fauna in the area. However, the lack of flora and fauna does not lessens the natural beauty of Lahaul and Spiti valley or the Spiti valley tourism. Most of the terrain in Lahaul Spiti is rocky and dry. There are very few water resources in Lahaul Spiti and the road conditions are pretty bad. Due to these harsh conditions, the population of Lahaul and Spiti is one of the lowest in India. Although,  Lahaul & Spiti is one of the most remote district of Himachal Pradesh, still the Spiti valley tourism is flourishing day by day. The difficult road conditions do not discourage travellers, tourists and adventure seekers from all over the world, to visit this beautiful valley.

Lahaul and Spiti valley tourism industry is expecting a huge boom after the construction of the Rohtang tunnel. This tunnel now connects Manali with Lahaul and Spiti valley and is expected to be open for everyone in the year 2019. Other than the Rohtang tunnel, there are two routes by which one can reach Lahaul and Spiti valley. One of the route is via Kinnaur and the other is by crossing Rohtang Pass. 

How to reach Lahaul and Spiti Valley?

The two routes that can be used to reach Lahaul and Spiti valley are as below:

Route 1: Reach Lahaul and Spiti valley via Shimla 

When visiting Lahaul and Spiti via Shi mla, you will have to follow the below route:

Shimla to Recongpeo (Kinnaur) via Rampur Bushahar 

Recongpeo is the headquarter for the district of Kinnaur. Most of the government offices in Kinnaur district are situated in Recongpeo. It is nearest to Kalpa, which is one of the most famous tourist places in Kinnaur.

Recongpeo to Sumdo 

Sumdo is the first village in Spiti valley when you enter Spiti via Kinnaur. The nearest tourist attraction is the Nako lake that falls in Kinnaur district. Once you each Sumdo, you are officially in Spiti Valley.

Sumdo to Kaza 

 Kaza is one of the biggest towns in Spiti valley and the trade centre in the Spiti valley. It is one of the most preferred places to stay in Spiti because of its central location to most tourist attractions.

Kaza to Kunzum Pass 

Kunzum pass or Kunzum La connects Spiti valley with Lahaul and Kullu manali. Kunzum Pass height is 15,060 ft and it is a high altitude pass. There is a temple dedicated to Kunzum Mata, which the passersby treat with utmost respect. It is a tradition for passerby drivers to take blessings at this temple before continuing the dangerous journey towards Lahaul valley.

Kunzum Pass to Keylong 

After you cross Kunzum pass, you enter the Chandra valley in Lahaul. Then after moving further 111kms, you’ll reach Keylong. Keylong is the admistrative centre of Lahaul and Spiti district. 

Route 2: Reach Lahaul and Spiti valley via Manali
Manali  to Rohtang Pass 

Rohtang pass or Rohtang La connects Kullu – Manali district with Lahaul and Spiti valley. Rohtang is a word in local Bhoti language, which means a field of corpses (Ro – corpse and thang – field). This name has been given to this place as many people have died while trying to cross this pass in bad weather.

Rohtang Pass to Lahaul and Spiti 

After you cross the Rohtang Pass, you enter the Lahaul area in the Lahaul and Spiti district. If you turn towards Keylong you will be in the Lahaul valley. And if you head towards Kunzum Pass, you’ll enter into the Spiti Valley after crossing Kunzum pass.

Source: Wikipedia.org

Lahaul Spiti Hotels


 Most of the Spiti valley hotels are not operational during the winters due to extreme weather and road conditions. The roads become dangerous and disconnected due to heavy snowfall in the Lahaul Spiti area. The hotels in Spiti valley are operational from March to October. The best time to visit Lahaul Spiti valley is from May to october as the weather is pleasant.  As per now there are no 5 star hotels in Spiti valley. There are a few luxury hotels in Lahaul Spiti and many simple/budget hotels are available. Lahaul and Spiti also has a lot of home-stays and guest houses available. Most of the tourists prefer to stay at hotels in Kaza during their Spiti valley tour. However, almost every village connected by road in Lahaul and Spiti valley has some kind of accommodation option available for travelers and backpackers.



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Lahaul and Spiti is a district in Himachal Pradesh.