6 Less Explored places in Shimla

Most of the tourists coming to Shimla look for and visit only the famous tourist places in Shimla. Some of the most famous places are Kufri, The Mall Road , Jakhu Temple, Indian Institute of Advanced Studies and a few more.

However being famous does not necessarily means that these are the only places worth a visit in this beautiful hilly town of Shimla. Shimla as a district, has a lot of exciting & beautiful places to see. But in this post we are only going to list the places near Shimla City (not the whole Shimla district). 

Each of the below mentioned places can be accessed in a single day from Shimla. The travellers can come back to their hotel in Shimla by evening after sightseeing. 

  • Hatu Peak – Hatu Peak is located near the town of Narkanda. It offers some amazing view of the Himalayan peaks and natural beauty all around. At the peak there is a beautifully constructed temple dedicated to Goddess Durga. It takes around 3 hours from Shimla to Hatu peak.
Hatu Temple, Narkanda
  • Tanni Jubbar Lake – This is a beautiful lake situated on the Thanedar road near Narkanda. It is approx 70 Kms from Shimla. You can visit this lake same day along-with Hatu Peak, as the distance between the two is very less.
  • Kali Tibba – Kali Tibba temple dedicated to Goddess Kali is located near Chail. Chail is a small town near Shimla built by Maharaja Bhupender Singh after he was exiled from Shimla by Lord Kutchner. Kali Tibba is the highest point in the area. And you can reach Kali Tibba by road in apprx 2 hours from Chail. 


  • Tara Devi Temple – Tara Devi has the best view of Shimla city and various Himalayan ranges from the mountain top. It is one of the most famous places among the locals. The road to Tara Devi leads from Shoghi on the NH 5 (National Highway).
Tara Devi Temple Shimla, Places to see near Shimla
  • Army Heritage Museum, Annadale – The Army heritage museum in Annadale has been built by the Indian Army. It showcases heritage army artifacts and other historical items. The place is very beautiful and peaceful. On the way to Annadale you can also visit the newly built Glen Nature Hiking Trail.
  • Shali Tibba – This is a short trek of 3-5 hours, around 35 kms from Shimla city. It can be completed in the same day if started early in the morning. You can read more details about Shali Tibba in this article
Shali Tibba trek, how to reach shali tibba

If you know of any other place worth mentioning, feel free to comment below this post and do share it on Facebook as well. 

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