Shali Tibba

A Trekking Trail near Shimla

Shali Tibba trek, how to reach shali tibba

The Shali tibba Temple also known as Shali ka tibba is situated at an height of 2867m. The temple is located at the top of the Shali peak and is the highest point in the area. Earlier, the public transport services to the nearest village of Khatnol were limited. Therefore, Shali tibba is still one of the Less explored places to visit in Shimla. Dedicated to goddess Bhimakali, this temple holds a very sacred position amongst the nearby villages. The Shali Tibba trek is an easy trek that you can do it in 3-5 hours easily.


How to Reach Shali Tibba?

You can divide the trip to Shali tibba into two parts.

  1. Shimla to Khatnol (By Road)
  2. Khatnol to Shali top (Trek)
  • Shimla to Khatnol

The starting point for this trek is the Khatnol Village which is 35kms from Shimla. You can complete the journey from Shimla to Khatnol by a private taxi or by a local bus.However, we would recommend to hire a private vehicle due to a low frequency of buses. This way you can ensure you will not have to go through the trouble of trying to catch the bus when you come back from the trek. 

  • Khatnol to Shali Tibba Trek: 

After you have reached Khatnol Village, the Shali Tibba trek starts. Distance from Khatnol to Shali Tibba is approx 7 kms (one way). The hike is easy and it will take between 3 to 5 hours to complete. After you finally the reach the Shali Peak, you’ll see almost all the major peaks near Shimla.

Note: The road has been stretched further 2kms from Khatnol towards Shali Peak. However, we recommend to park your vehicle in Khatnol itself as proper parking might not be available at the point where the road ends. Also the condition of the newly built road is not very good.

Shali Tibba Trail Details and Stay options

The trekking trail is mostly covered with thick forest and presents a great experience. This jungle is also home of leopards and other wildlife. Therefore, we do not recommend trekking alone during evening and night time. After, a short hike you will reach the Shali Peak, from where you get amazing views of various Himalayan ranges.

Stay options at Shali Tibba are limited as there are no guest houses, or hotels at the top. There is a Sarai (hall) near the temple stairs which are available in case of emergency. You can ask the temple priest for keys if required. Setting up camps is also a possibility near the Sarai.

 However, we would suggest completing the trek the same day. One can start the Shali Tibba trek early and come down to Khatnol in the evening and still have plenty of time to enjoy the amazing view from Shali Top. We hope this article has been helpful for you in planning a trip to Shali Tibba. Feel free to checkout other articles on our website as well. Happy Travelling!  

“A Humble Appeal – Please make sure not to drop any plastic wrappers, bottles and any kind of waste on the trail or near the temple. As a traveller, it is our responsibility to keep the Himalayas clean.