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Unveiling Komic Village: Spiti Valley’s Best Kept Secret

Komic Village, Spiti - Asia's Highest village connected with a motorable road

Komic which literally means “eye of a snow cock” ( Ko – snowcock , mic – eye), is a remote village in Spiti valley. Komic village is situated at an height of 4587 metres or 15027 feet above sea level. One of the most famous landmarks of Komic village in Spiti valley is the iconic sign board by the public works department, which describes Komic as the “Highest village in world connected with motorable road”. 

Komic village

Like most of the villages in Spiti valley, most of the residents of Komic practice Budhism. The main reason travelers started visiting Komic was it’s title as the “Highest village in the world connected with a motorable road”. Another reason was it’s close proximity to Langza village (also known as the Fossil Village of India) and Hikkim village (which happens to be the highest village with a post office). 

How to reach Komic Village (in Spiti Valley)?

One can reach Komic village and Spiti valley by two routes. One is via Shimla and the other is via Manali. The distance from Delhi to Komic village via Shimla is 772 kms approx. Distance from Delhi to Komic village via Manali is 754 kms approx. The road towards Komic and Spiti valley via Shimla is a little rougher than via Manali. Therefore, the most preferred and popular route to Komic village is via Manali. Whether you go from any of these routes, you’ll have to reach Kaza which is the nearest big settlement near Komic. Kaza is the centre of any Spiti valley tour and therefore is very popular. Overnight stay at Kaza is recommended.

Once you reach Kaza, you can take a day excursion to Komic. The distance from Kaza to Komic is 19 kms approx via Hikkim village. Another route to Komic from Kaza is through Langza village which is slightly longer.

Places to visit in and near Komic village, Spiti Valley.

Komic is a very high altitude village in Spiti valley and therefore very few people live there. Thus, not many man made places of interests are available here, except a few. But this does not mean that there is nothing to see. It is a very beautiful place and a heaven for nature and peace lovers. There are a few places in and around Komic, which you should not miss.

  • Komic Lundup Chemmo or the Tangyud Monastery

The Tangyud or Tangyuth monastery is one of only two monasteries in Spiti valley, belonging to the Sakya sect. Tangyud monastery is one of the highest monasteries in India. It is also one of the oldest monasteries in the valley. This monastery is situated on the edge of a canyon and therefore has a really unique look. Below is a photo of a stuffed Snow leopard hanged inside the monastery.

Komic village, Tangyud monastery
By John Hill [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (], from Wikimedia Commons

  •  Langza village:

Langza is a high altitute village situated on the way to Komic. It is also known as the Fossil Village. Please checkout the detailed article on Langza village on our site if you have not read it yet.

  • Hikkim Village: 

Hikkim village is situated at an altitude of 4440 metres. And as per a local signboard, it holds the title of the Highest village with a post office. Therefore, this grabs the attention of every traveller coming to Spiti valley. The village of Hikkim is situated at a distance of around 4 Kms from Komic. Most importantly, if you are in Komic and need medical supplies, the nearest medical shop in in Hikkim village.

  • Local Pastures and Meadows:

Apart from the above, the best part about any place you visit in Spiti Valley is the natural beauty surrounding the place. Hence, sit back, enjoy the panaromic view of the place and truly Experience the Himalayas.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article. Please feel free to contact us if you need any help planning your Spiti valley trip or even if you have any general questions. We would be more than happy to help 🙂 

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