Komic Village – Spiti valley

Komic Village, Spiti - Asia's Highest village connected with a motorable road One of the most famous landmarks of Komic village in Spiti valley is the iconic sign board by the public works department, which describes Komic as the "Highest village in world connected with motorable road". Komic which literally means…


Key Monastery – The Biggest Monastery in Spiti valley

Key Monastery - Spiti valley's biggest Monastery! Key Gompa or Key Monastery | Source : Wikipedia Like most of the places in Spiti valley, Key monastery is not a tourist place. However it is a Traveller's paradise. From a tourist point of view, there is not much to see except the…


Langza Village – An intro to the Fossil village

| Langza Village - A Brief Introduction | Langza Village Height / Altitude is 4435 metres, 14550 feet above sea level. Best time to visit Langza Village - June, July & September. Langza is a small village situated at the base of “Chau Chau Kang Nilda” mountain, which is also known…

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